Remote Support

If you only have minor issues, need someone to show you how to use an application, or if you just need a few settings changed and don’t know where to find them, give Quick-Fix Remote Support a try! Our rate for remote support is only $30/hour, and you would be surprised how much we can get done in an hour!

How does it work?

You start the process by calling us for a support request. For Windows users, Quick-Fix currently uses a free remote support package called F1F1. It is based on UltraVNC and is fast, lightweight, and secure (all communication is encrypted.) If you have security or privacy concerns, you can read more about F1F1 here.

Afterwards, you should download our client-side package that allows our technicians to access your system remotely. When you start the client, you will see a window with a randomly-generated Access Code and Password. Just give those details to your Quick-Fix technician and they will be able to control your Windows desktop as if they were sitting right next to you. Once our technician has finished working, the only remaining step is to close the application. The client will stop running and clean up any files it created.

What if I need support on my mobile device?

We can do that too! Remote support clients vary by device, but are available for these devices. Please contact us for more information.

What if I’m a Mac or Linux user?

We offer remote support to Mac and Linux users! However, different tools are required for those operating systems and we’re unable to easily distribute them in a one-click package. Please contact us for more information.